During the winter, the ground loop collects heat that naturally exists in your backyard or pond and carries it into your home.

During the summer, the system removes heat from your home, transferring it to the coolness of your backyard or pond.

Why Go Geothermal?

There are many reasons to install a geothermal system and ultimately it comes down to a personal choice. The following sections outline some of the reasons, and some are highlighted.

  • Superior comfort
  • Payback from energy savings (cash model)
  • Positive cash flow from energy savings (financed model)
  • Most energy efficient system available
  • Cleanest way possible to heat
  • "Greenest" system
  • No noisy outdoor condenser
  • Architectural aesthetics
  • Quieter system
  • Safer -- no flame or chimney required
  • No volatile odours at fill-up time
  • No fill-up times – you don't have to rely on the delivery man

Heating anything usually involves burning something. Geothermal Systems do not burn anything; yet, they heat your home comfortably and inexpensively.

Once you have invested in a heating system investment, you are committed to it for a very long time unless you have the financial resources to change your system whenever you wish. Air conditioning systems last a far shorter time than heating systems. Water source heat pumps have an average life expectancy of over 20 years according to ASHRAE.

Geothermal systems require a higher initial investment than other systems; that is a fact. The higher installation costs can generally be attributed to the installation of an earth loop. A geothermal unit installed on a well water supply can be installed for close to the same price as a high efficiency furnace and air conditioner providing that the water supply and discharge are already there.

Installing an earth loop can be regarded by the homeowner as "laying in one's own independent infrastructure", just as though they were drilling a gas or oil well for their own private use.

When installed well and maintained properly, a Geothermal System provides a very high return on the extra investment. For example, new homes in our service area save enough money on fuel and electricity to provide the owners with a positive cash flow if the additional investment for the earth loop is financed in the mortgage.

Geothermal Systems provide a high quality comfort both summer and winter and are preferable to other heating and cooling technologies for compelling environmental reasons as well.

Environmental Reasons

* Reduce – A geothermal system reduces true energy consumption for heating by 72% at point of use.
* Reuse – A geothermal reuses the solar energy absorbed by the earth for comfort conditioning.
* Recycle – A geothermal system recycles solar energy back into the ground in summer air conditioning mode.

Highest Efficiency

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