What is Comfort?

Comfort has been described as the absence of discomfort. A comfortable environment might be one that does not offend any of the five senses; i.e., sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

The Ideal Comfort System

Ideally, equipment that is installed to provide comfort to people should be quiet enough so as not to intrude above the background or environment noise.

  • It should have an acceptable appearance based upon its intended use.
  • It should not add any airborne pollutants to the environment.
  • It should provide air temperatures, humidity and air velocities that leave the customer feeling neither hot nor cold, just comfortable.
  • It should also be able to transfer unused or waste heat into domestic hot water heating.
  • It should do this reliably and safely for the consumer while using a smaller piece of the energy pie.
  • It should use a totally inexhaustible and renewable energy source that, if possible, would be freely available for the consumer to use. The consumer would only pay for the delivery charge to pump the fuel into the home; thus it would have the lowest operating cost possible.
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