Geo-Thermal Furnace's staff have designed and installed over 1,000 Geothermal Systems around Toronto and South Central Ontario, almost since the introduction of Ground Source Heating to Southern Ontario in the early eighties.

  • We design our own earth loops -- which we install with our own our own excavation equipment.
  • We design and install our own ductwork systems.
  • We provide after sale maintenance and service for our own installations and for many systems sold and installed by other contractors.
  • We provide ductwork cleaning services for a healthier home environment.
  • We truly are "Greater Toronto's Geothermal Specialists"

Changes We Have Seen

  • Geothermal equipment design has changed substantially over the last 20 years. Early installations were primarily applications of commercially available water source heat pumps, adapted to operate on ground loops or ground water.
  • Modern geothermal units are actually "extended range water source heat pumps", designed and manufactured with higher efficiencies and durability than earlier equipment. Ground loop entering liquid temperatures are easily handled by toady's equipment so it is well suited to operation in Canada.
  • Microprocessor motor control and built in service diagnostics reliably handle system operation on today's higher end equipment.
  • Higher insulation levels mean quiet operation.
  • Today's equipment represents "State of the Art" in heat pump design.

Geothermal Furnace's Goal

When designing and installing a WaterFurnace™ System, it is our to provide the customer with the "ideal system".

Our goal is most easily attained during new construction, where we have full access to the building as it takes shape.

In a retrofit application it is difficult to meet this goal completely. Years of geothermal system experience however, have taught us the necessary installation techniques to bring premium comfort to the older home.

Viewing a Building as an Integrated System of Components

We point out in the quotations above, that a geothermal system itself, brings us a long way to fulfilling the requirements of "The Ideal Comfort System". In reality, true premium comfort can be planned into a home at design time and therefore built into a home at construction time.

  • A geothermal system is a group of components, assembled together in a manner that facilitates the movement of heat, bi-directionally between a building and the ground.
  • A ductwork system or a hydronic distribution system similarly is a group of components, assembled together in a manner that facilitates the distribution of heat throughout the building envelope.
  • The building shell itself is a third system of components assembled together in a manner that slows down the movement heat, bi-directionally between a building and shear and ground surrounding it.

For premium comfort, all three systems should work together as one integrated system.

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